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Areas We Serve

Looking to spice up your party and quench your guests' thirst? Say hello to Trailer Parked, the ultimate mobile bar experience in Las Vegas, Summerlin and Henderson! With its cool trailer-style design and lightning-fast service, you'll never have to deal with thirsty guests again. Plus, we'll customize the exterior to match your party's theme, taking it up a notch in terms of style. You won't have to leave your home or venue to have a blast - we'll bring the bar to you! Trust us, Trailer Parked will make your event a night to remember.

Top 5 Reasons to Rent

  • Uniqueness: Our mobile bar offers an innovative and unique twist on the classic bar experience, creating a fun and memorable time for guests.

  • Convenience: With our mobile bar, you won’t have to worry about finding space as it can be moved around easily. It also eliminates the need to build a permanent structure, saving time and money in the process.

  • Efficiency: The mobile bar is designed specifically for serving drinks quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality or taste. You can rest assured that no one at your event will go thirsty!

  • Entertainment: The trailer-style design of our mobile bar provides an exciting atmosphere that you and your guests are sure to love! Plus, its exterior can be customized according to your needs, making it perfect for any event theme or style.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Our mobile bar offers excellent value for money as you don’t have to invest in a permanent fixture or pay high rent costs as with many brick-and-mortar bars.

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